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The Devil is never a welcome card in any reading, however there are lessons to be learned when this card arrives, and they aren't always bad ones. The Devil symbolizes the Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn, and so leadership and taking control of the situation in a practical way is called for when you see this card.

Here we see a literal interpretation of The Devil. An angry, evil force that is bound by chains to a problem or a situation.

Aquarius and Libra Compatability

The message from this card is a higher spiritual lesson you must learn. What is weighing you down? What problem in your life are you literally chained to? It could be addiction or substance abuse, often markers of this card. However this card can appear when you are very ill, and chained to your illness as your way of life. It could represent someone in your life who is acting like The Devil, using secrets, manipulation, and lies to force you to bend your will to their domain.

Harnessing the qualities of Capricorn and taking leadership on a key issue will help you to unleash yourself from these chains. They are often scientists, inventors, philosophers and religious leaders. Aquarians are confident within themselves and often feel comfortable in groups of people.

They often stand out in the crowd because they are often friendly and want to introduce themselves to people. They are often known for having good friends and many acquaintances. Aquarius men and women are always fighting for equal rights.

They want to make sure that they are standing up for what is right. In romance, Aquarius men and women like to have intellectual conversation along with passionate kissing, hugging and feeling like the other persons wants them unconditionally. Aquarius women tend to be great kissers and often are the first one to kiss their man in a romantic relationship. Aquarius men are often known for giving his lady a bouquet of flowers or a gift before he wants romance. Aquarian men and women are loyal, not known to cheat and tend to hunger for love.

Many Aquarian men find it hard to bond with a woman at times because he feels that he is putting his feelings and heart on the line. This is the most important aspect of an Aquarius man. Even though he has passion for love, you often must prove your loyalty to him first before he starts opening his kisses to you.

He likes to create a passionate and romantic side to himself when the opportunity arises.

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Aquarius men and women will often sacrifice their own time to make yours better. They like to cater to their partners needs. The good news about Aquarian men and women are that they are not possessive jealous lovers.

You will often find that an Aquarius man and woman enjoys spending time with the person that they are committed to. This zodiac sign is known to care about their loved ones and those around them that truly care. Aquarius men and women are good with saving money and thrifty spending habits.

Everything You Need To Know About The Aquarius In Your Life

Aquarius woman love to cook. She often makes a great chef or home cook. Some men love it and others hate it. You will often find other zodiac signs that date an Aquarius to depend on them for the cooking. If you are a woman trying to date an Aquarius man, try to get to know him first. Take your time with getting to know him. He often likes to learn how to trust you first. Aquarian men and women enjoy digging deep into their spirituality. They often want to figure out what happens to the soul after we die. Many Aquarians get into debates over this topic with other zodiac signs.

Aquarian men and women come from different religious backgrounds. Some consider themselves to be agnostic or atheist. It comes from the constellation Aquarius. Aquarius is also a winter constellation. It is found near Cetus and Pisces. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. This means that Aquarius flows with love and sincerity. Aquarians are similar to the zodiac signs Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. These zodiac signs are often known as being more stubborn and set in t their ways.

Aquarius Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

This zodiac sign is often good for Aquarius because Aries is not known to be set in their ways and a bit more flexible. This makes getting along with this zodiac sign a lot more easy going. You two will butt heads often. You both have similar character traits and are often set in your ways. In order to make this romantic relationship work, someone is going to have to compromise.

Gemini is often looking to please the Aquarian and a lot calmer than other zodiac signs. The Gemini is known to be two faced and therefore may not always be completely honest with their true intentions. Cancer signs are very nurturing, caring, loving and mind their own business. They are not self-centered and often get along with all the other zodiac signs.

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One of you must give in to make the relationship work. There is no other way around it.

All Zodiac Signs Have A Hidden Addiction, Here's Yours

Virgo is nurturing and cares a lot about religion and faith. They tend to be more introverted and like keeping their negative comments to themselves. They are great matches for the Aquarius since Virgo often leans on Aquarius for advice. Libra is hard working and knows how to listen well. Libras and Aquarians often make excellent marriage partners. Cross them and you may have something coming to you.

Scorpios are great people and love hard. Scorpios love truth and honesty. They are not into playing games. A great connection you two will be.

Astroved Pisces

You will experience a good family structure together and learn more about one another. You will both be able to compromise. A good connection. Keep a Sagittarius on your good side. Aquarius and Capricorn will bond well because they both desire a future together and a long path. They are destined to be together.